Say No To The Phantom

Good afternoon from the very windy Mojave Desert where its currently 95 degrees! It’s a beautiful day for a joyride so out I went to capture the views around the valley. This Phantom Fireworks company was probably here before I arrived in Las Vegas in 2013.

I am very much against the sale of fireworks here because of the extreme drought that has been going on for many years, the valley is tinder dry yet the city still permits the sales to continue.

Further, two years ago the dipstick renters two doors down from my place were shooting rockets and other fireworks on the street in my HOA where doing this is completely illegal. I took an angry walk down the street and told these punks that if they light one more fireworks I will call the police which I would have.

They stopped. This is just one more reason why I despise the renting of homes in my HOA, these people have zero skin in the game (money) and don’t give a rat’s ass. I am that neighbor and home owner who isn’t afraid to take on rotten neighbors! Sorry for the rant…

In the photo that shows the road disappearing in the distance to the east, you can see how clear the valley is today which is wonderful. When the wind kicks up hard like this, it seems to blow all of the smog and whatever else over the mountains on the east side of the valley.

6 thoughts on “Say No To The Phantom

  1. I totally agree on that Fireworks. I am one who keeps the website open on her phone and if they go off to close to home or to late, I will report it, anonymously.

  2. I agree with you about the fireworks. Not only are they horribly dangerous to drought-stricken areas, but people leave tons of trash laying around when they’re done shooting them off. I’m not a fan.

  3. The sale of fireworks as well as lighting them is prohibited in Belgium. Only professional people are allowed to do this at certain festivities. But you just have to crosses the border to the Netherlands where everything is for sale ! The result is that many fireworks are still set off illegally (under penalty of a hefty fine) unless the many accidents that happen every year.
    Keep it cool out there in the Mojave Desert 😉

    • Rudi, we are on the same page! Clark County in Nevada should adopt this same law. Too many people are damaged in many ways by fireworks. Fire burns, fire kills. It’s amazing that from state-to-state, the laws are very different in some cases here which reflects on the different between Belgium and the Netherlands. No matter the continent or the language, common sense is still around. Our high temperature will be 91F, not as hot as it will be…

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