Are They Baby Lenticular Clouds?

The clouds were as far as I can tell over Mount Charleston which is where Lenticular clouds form. That mountain isn’t visible in the photo. What do you think about the 1995 ceiling design over my dining room table? They had some odd ideas… It’s still windy as hell this afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Are They Baby Lenticular Clouds?

    • Lenticular clouds are like giant flying saucers hanging over mountains. thanks on the ceiling, its 1995 thinking! The theme of this HOA is very Italian.

    • Thank you! The light fixture is original as is the one over the main entrance inside. I’ve seen Lenticular clouds become huge over those mountains in years past.

    • I didn’t know that glider pilots can do that! I have seen Lenticular clouds become very large over Mount Charleston and Fletcher Peak in the past.

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