Pan Fried Chicken and Angry Birds

I remember recording the angry geese and ducks but not why they were so agitated. It’s kind of funny though to watch them carry on! They were recorded at Floyd Lamb Park last year. The truth is that I am uploading these videos because I am fresh out of any new material so enjoy watching the chicken breasts fry haha! I hope that your Tuesday has been a good one.

10 thoughts on “Pan Fried Chicken and Angry Birds

    • Thanks, Guys, the chicken was delicious. I’m no good at marriage but as a bachelor I can whip up some tasty grub! 😎

    • Yeah! Maybe this is an argument about which species is better? There was an old fella with a small child nearby, maybe he was feeding them, stopped and the birds became uppity! Just a guess but it was so fun standing next to them!

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