A Blooming Palm Tree

Look very closely, you’ll see the tiny bees buzzing around the tiny flowers! Unfortunately, the seeds will be dropping soon as well which means I will be pulling the babies out of the ground soon! Both of the palms in my backyard are being pruned on June 28th which is good news. I always have the crew prune the tree to the V shape, self-explanatory. The Sony A7C and 211mm lens captured the photos.

7 thoughts on “A Blooming Palm Tree

    • Thank you so much again, Cindy! I’ve already began pulling the babies out of the ground below moma tree. 😂

    • Hi Marcus, the camera seems to capture the blue a bit too deep. I could increase the white balance to compensate or the overall brightness but didn’t. I picked up a new camera, its a Sony A7C mirrorless and full-frame. Love it.

      • Ahhh, a A7C…congrats n this beauty! I’m sure your will use it and enjoy it to the fullest! With a sky like that I would have shot in Vivid mode with my Leica to capture all the blues….

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