A Hummingbird Mural

Heading to a Home Depot location I captured this pretty mural on the other side of the road as I drove past. The camera captured most of it and it’s just a wee bit blurred. I am installing a second hummingbird feeder and a second bird bath tomorrow. Fun! The other photo was an oops photo that looks okay I guess.

12 thoughts on “A Hummingbird Mural

    • Hi Venus, thank you! I hope you are feeling good, have a dandy weekend when it gets here. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Thank up, Beth! the mural would look best if I actually stopped to get the shot from across the road but its a busy road.

    • Hi Eugi, I agree. There are random murals and painted utility boxes all around this area so we have very talented people in Las Vegas!

    • Thanks, someone is very talented! There are random murals all over the city, its fun to come upon one and get the photo.

    • Ha, you are so right, Derrick! I’ve never captured a live hummer properly, they are too fast! I am installing a second hummingbird feeder and bird bath in my backyard today. I can’t feed other desired, small birds with seed because of our flying rat problem. Pigeons are a nasty problem here. They fly around the homes here landing on random rooves like a pigeon air force! They devour the seed in a frenzy and that frankly pisses me off.

    • Thank you! I would have to stop across the road and set up the tripod and take the shot in the morning when the sun is coming from the east for better lighting.

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