A New Feeder and Bird Bath

It will take a day or so for the hummers to find the new feeder and bird bath, I hope to get some nice photos of hummers and other birds now. Wait and see! How about that hot forecast?

15 thoughts on “A New Feeder and Bird Bath

  1. Beautiful sanctuary for the hummers! Your weather forecast looks like ours except for our 200% humidity LOL I’ve stopped looking at the weather forecast for now.

  2. Great idea John, especially in that heat to help the animals out. I had to put a flattish rock in the middle of my bird bath just under the water as it was like yours and they had trouble getting in and out. Took them a while to find and trust that it was safe but they use it all the time now.

    • That’s wonderful! I’ve started watching the new feeder and bath late this afternoon using the Sony A7C camera with a 210mm lens. I got some decent photos tonight that I will post tomorrow. I saw a few birds fly in directly to the old bath, but no birds on the new bath so I’ll keep an eye on that too.

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