New Hummingbird Photos!

After setting up the new hummingbird feeder yesterday, I sat in the backyard for several minutes and waited for the hummers to show up and they did! I hope to get more photos of these tiny little cuties soon. The photo with the palm tree trunk has a new feeder which the bird can land on and feed, unlike the other feeder. A cooler high of 89 degrees is up for today, should I bust out the bike?

17 thoughts on “New Hummingbird Photos!

  1. I was a little late putting the feeders out here. I was fearful about the cats but they seem to be ignoring the hummingbird. I ended up putting out two more feeders in hopes that they wouldn’t argue over who ate where.

    • It’s fun isn’t it! If you can use seed feeders you are lucky. The damn pigeons make sure that I don’t use a seed feeder as they run off all the other birds. They are flying rats!

    • They are super fast and difficult to photograph. I got lucky with these photos. I’ve seen many hummingbird photos that are very beautiful too, very talented photographers!

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