They Are All About Golf!

On the way home from my 12-mile bike ride today I stopped to grab some photos of these sculptures. The artists state that they are about gold, and there is a golf course nearby. What I see are big gun barrels! It was 70 degrees when I left the house and just 84 now.

The 100s are on the way so away I go to get a few miles in! The photos are from the Sony A7C which I am coming to love more and more, a nice upgrade from the Nikon Z50.

4 thoughts on “They Are All About Golf!

  1. Puts me in the mind of bees and honeycomb. Its supposed to warm up here and hopefully clear up for a while. I’m tired of being trapped inside.

    • That’s good! I’m you guys have been riding too. It was so nice today I had to get a ride in before the 100s hit.

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