Just Plain Old Bad Photos!

This afternoon I was digging through my massive photo archive and came across these photos that were taken on a trip into the Spring Mountains four or five years ago. I’m not patting myself on the back but my photography has become much better today!

That’s so unfortunate too because even if the photos are clear and crispy they still could never do any justice to how beautiful this mountain range is. I believe that another half-day trip up there is overdue now, and I’m sure that all of that nasty white stuff and the road salt is gone now.

My 8-year-old truck has never seen a single grain of road salt, unlike the cars and trucks I drove in Michigan for so many years. They have probably all rotted back into the earth by now!

12 thoughts on “Just Plain Old Bad Photos!

    • Thank you, Marcus, I wish that you could stand there and look out. 50 miles is not uncommon! There is an info board that tells you which distant mountains you are seeing. That spot is around 8000 feet plus or minus!

    • Thanks, Rebecca, I am admittedly hard on myself when it comes to photography. I hope you are having a good weekend. 😊

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