Church Service and Chicken With Gravy

The chicken with gravy lunch was so delicious! I have always loved gravy on chicken and more! The church I attend is a big church with five thousand or so members. It can be a bit impersonal because of the many people, perhaps more so when you are attending by yourself. My ex and I used to attend this church which kind of hurts. It’s just never until “death do us part” in my life…

14 thoughts on “Church Service and Chicken With Gravy

  1. Oh I love chicken and gravy! Mash potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding! That is a huge congregation John. 5000!

  2. It can be difficult to go to places where it used to be “we” and now it is only “me”. The gravy looks delicious.

  3. Looks delicious! I’m sorry about the pain in once attending church with your ex, I can understand that. It’s wonderful you are there. Happy Sunday✨💛

    • It sure was, Hannah. I am glad that you get where I am coming from with the ex thing. It is sometimes difficult yet I believe that Christ is happy that I am there. I very rarely publish anything about religion here so this is a rare post. 😊

    • Hi Maria, I don’t believe so. The sanctuary is huge but it can’t handle that many people. The church has at least two services on Sunday and a service on Wednesday too. Also, there is an old-fashioned Traditional service that is held at least once in a different and very beautiful structure nearby. I like that because it reflects my Baptist belief. Still my church home.

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