Mocking Birds and Fake Burgers

Just before I headed out to church, I spotted this Northern Mockingbird on my Mediterranean Fan Palm outside the kitchen window. These birds can talk, or chirp a mile a minute! They are very recognisable when you hear them. And, do you eat plant burgers? I tried one a few months ago and was grossed out.

It was like eating two buns with nothing but salt between them. So gross. Did you notice the distant mountain with snow still on top? I’m not sure, but that is likely Mount Charleston at 11,916 feet high. Looking for mountains? Nevada is the most mountanous state in the union directly behind Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Mocking Birds and Fake Burgers

    • Thank you, Derrick, the bird eas roughly 12 feet away so it was an easy shot. They are such noisy birds!

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