It’s A Long Way Down There!

Roundabout 1000 feet or more is my guess but you don’t want to have brake failure! These photos are from the Nikon Z50 camera when my sister was here a few weeks ago. And that time she brought Covid with her, it was so bad! It’s 93F at my place just now! How hot is it in your area?

12 thoughts on “It’s A Long Way Down There!

  1. Amazing photos! Been pretty good here lately, nice warm to hot temperatures. When I say hot I mean 80 degrees which is cool for you!

    • Yes, 80F is an absolutely perfect summer temperature here but when we get into deep summer like we are now, 110-115F are possible. 112 is supposed to get here in a few short days. I love the heat, and thank god for air conditioning! 🔥🌴😎

    • Thank you so much, Belinda! That’s Charleston Boulevard which crosses the entire valley. The valley is roughly 20×30 and full of humans!

  2. I love that first photo! I remember you and your sister having Covid, I hope you are all recovered and it’s a distant memory now!

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