Weather Here and There

The valley is heating up to summer scorcher levels now, meanwhile, the video shows how much rain is falling at the lake back home in Michigan. Please, Michigan, send us some of your rain! See the lake?

12 thoughts on “Weather Here and There

    • Why, Vinny? Is it the scorching weather in the Mojave Desert, or that video with the rain? She recorded the video in Michigan, my home state and she lives in the house that I lived in when I was in High School!

      • The heat! And those mountains….. amazing. Wow that’s great! Must have lots of memories for you pal

  1. I wish we could have some rain too. It gets pretty dry where I live, John. And where you live it gets very warm 🙂

  2. We just had a terrific rainstorm/lightning etc come through here this afternoon. Power went out twice, still raining but not as hard

      • No lol, we need the water! We just got home yesterday from three weeks away and my gardens need weeding but it was so hot here, the ground is all cracked, too hard to pull weeds. Maybe tomorrow it will be softer from our rain today

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