A Takeaway Lunch!

Man, this burger and onion rings were so delicious! This local pub has excellent bar/pub food. The iPhone photos are candid so they aren’t great like the food was! It’s 93 degrees outside just now with 110 degrees in the forecast soon. This is my favorite time of year in Las Vegas!

14 thoughts on “A Takeaway Lunch!

    • Thank you, my friend! Sorry, I don’t know your name. Everything I eat there is delicious and the place is always clean. One of the cooks has been there over ten years, that says something about this place.

    • Hi Vinny! The pub has inviting decor and very friendly employees, they know me because I love their food and stop in two or three times a week. I hope you are feeling better now, be well!

      • If I lived next to that place I’d be going 3 times a week! Yeah I’m pretty good thanks, fit as a butchers dog!

            • We will gladly take your rain if we could, Vinny, our Desert Southwest is still in a years-long drought. Meanwhile, the east side of the country is getting more rain than it needs thanks to the Gulf of Mexico and cooler air dropping down from Canada. That’s why that area is called Tornado Alley.

  1. 🙂 Hmm. Forgive me the spell check on my smartphone has a mind of its own. It should be “Enjoyable” and not “Enable”.

    Now, do you see why we are better off blogging via our laptops?

    • Oh, okay, Renard! It was enjoyable! The spell check on my iPad sometimes makes me mad because its correcting things that should not be corrected. I never use my phone or iPad for blogging unless I am out of town, the MacBook Pro is always best.

      • 🙂 The MacBook Pro has my stamp of approval.

        One needs to be vigilant when they are typing out blog posts and responding to comments on their smartphone and tablet (You never know when it changes the spelling of a word that it should not change).

  2. 🙂 John, that burger looks a little too small for a big guy.

    I love the sign about drinking. The person who created it has a wonderful sense of humour.

    Thanks for the enable photos.

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