It’s Gonna Be Hot…

While I am away! And, it will be very humid where I am going which is something I’m not used to anymore. Ten years in the Mojave Desert has made me come to love this state and it’s wonderful climate here in the very southern portion.

I am busy wrapping up a list of things I wrote down to complete preparations for departure tomorrow, and I have checked in with the airline. It’s never fun to crawl out of bed at three AM to drive to the airport though! That’s probably the worst thing about traveling this time.

6 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be Hot…

    • Thanks, so far so good but the humidity it’s almost killing me! I’m used to 12-40% humidity. 🤪

    • Hi Sylvia, so far so good! The humidity is so high here that I am sweating profusely. Wow! ☹️😂

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