It’s Nice To Be Back In The Desert!

My Delta flight touched down around two PM this afternoon, and as it did, the aircraft bounced once. An excellent landing, captain! At least everyone is okay. Anyway, I maxed out the SD card in the Sony A7C and had to use the iPhone 12 on the last day.

The iPhone 12 also must have a few gigs of photos which I still have to offload to the cloud storage. What a great trip man! it was so good for my soul to be with my family once again and to see my awesome 95-year-old dad. Everyone is well which is a major blessing.

On my first day, I encountered 85 degrees but with about as much humidity which made me sweat intensely which was very uncomfortable! I was using a kitchen towel to wipe my head off it was so bad. I really don’t like that humidity since I am used to 12 to 5o percent humidity or something like that.

I have gigs of photos to share with you so I hope that you will stop by again and check my travel photography out, you won’t be disappointed. This set of five was taken where I lived when I was in high school and grew up, so many special, wonderful memories are here!

17 thoughts on “It’s Nice To Be Back In The Desert!

  1. Lovely photos and how wonderful you had a great trip and your dad is doing well!!๐Ÿ™‚ I can tolerate warm temperatures, but whenever I say I wish it was winter itโ€™s because of this awful humidity we have too often now.

    • Thank you, Leanne! โค๏ธ It’s nice to be back home where the humidity isn’t making me use a dish towel to wipe away all of the sweat! Very uncomfortable, and I am used to 10 to 50 percent humidity.

    • Hi Anneli, the trip was planned to be short because my kiddos both work, sister is a busy lady and dad is doing awesome for a man his age! Beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

    • I sure did, Kathleen Jennette! So good for my soul to be with loved ones. Living down here means I see my family less yet I love the desert life…

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