On Green Pond

Not Golden Pond, but a very green pond where the water flows over the dam. It’s basically impossible to keep all of that nasty slime away from the dam but there is a screen that stops some of the slime. I love the barn photo with the white and blue above it! It’s a bit like a painting, isn’t it?

Blondie loves her naps on the mancave floor in front of a box fan with her food and water nearby. And, the twisted thing actually rotates in the slightest breeze. The forecast has changed from 105F for today down to 102F which won’t make a hill of beans difference of course.

Hot is hot! I have a doctor’s appointment way too early this morning, why did I do that!

4 thoughts on “On Green Pond

    • Thanks so much, Derrick. I am still adjusting back to the Pacific time zone after being on the east coast for a few days!

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