Downtown in My Hometown

Here are a few photos from a local car show that happens downtown once per week. I had taken more pictures of this event, but they somehow evaded me. One car was a beautiful red 1969 Camaro and a video of the announcer for this event asking all of the veterans to come to the center of the road to be saluted and honored while our Star Spangled Banner played. I am bummed that I can’t share this with you guys!

How about that 1970 or 1971 Pontiac? A real car with a real power plant. No electric car nonsense here.

A little Lapeer County history for you:

2 thoughts on “Downtown in My Hometown

  1. It must have been a great car show John. Indeed, what you say: “a real power plant” that consumes a lot of expensive feul …. but the car itself is a piece of art.

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