Good Morning, My Home State!

The early morning hours were delightful even with the ridiculous humidity since the temperature was still very low. This beautiful place holds so many beautiful memories for me. 🥰

18 thoughts on “Good Morning, My Home State!

    • Thank you! I had to get that photo regardless of having just rolled out of bed. My grandpa taught me that a rainbow around the sun usually means rain is on the way. It was a very muggy day and the rain went around us…

  1. I am in Michigan for another day and enjoying lake life. I get the view of the sunset or a storm rolling across the lake, that sunset photo is amazing. Stay well. Peace.

    • Hi Pooja! Yes, I am back home now where the humidity doesn’t make me melt. I am not acclimated to a juicy wet atmosphere these days. Have the issues with your blog been resolved, I hope so! ❤️

      • That’s wonderful, I know it gets crazy up North in the summer. They have, thanks ❤️😊

        • That’s great news, Pooja! Yes, you know all about the humidity and biting, stinging bugs. Grrr!

          • Yup, that’s summer in the north! But glad you can relax with better weather now- I totally understand why you moved 😃

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