Among The Michigan Farm Fields

These photos were taken on-the-fly with the Sony A7C camera. Soybeans and field corn are the crops of choice around here, any sweet corn is grown elsewhere. Sunny and 103F are the forecast for today but now would be a good time for a bike ride since it’s in the upper 70s!

23 thoughts on “Among The Michigan Farm Fields

  1. Farmlands are so fun to see! It’s mesmerizing to drive by and look at the fields as they grow, especially on a sunny blue sky day! I really like your abstract photo at the end too! Nice job!

    • Hi Derrick, thanks very much my friend! My home county is very beautiful in summer with it’s almost endless farm fields.

    • Aww thank you so much, Hannah! I’m glad the photos make you feel good. Our Midwest is a beautiful place. ❤️

    • Thanks very much, Clay! Michigan is a very sharp contrast to what I am now accustomed to here in the Mojave Desert. I don’t think that I could live through a Michigan winter these days…

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