The Beater Bike

Leaving Walgreens yesterday I noticed this beater bike locked to the post. I asked myself why? The chain is off, the right pedal is missing and the rear tire is flat and completely treadless. If the store cuts it loose from the pole I’ll bet that they toss it in the big bin behind the store! Blood pressure meds are expensive…

11 thoughts on “The Beater Bike

  1. Strange! I think Dan’s bp meds just doubled in price but still half the price of my inhalers. Fortunately we have insurance that covers the bulk of it.

    • Yeah, who would chain up this thing! I get a 90-day supply which came to $64.00 which is expensive yet better than ending up six-feet under!

        • It is, Anne Marie but I fail to see how it could be worth more. Look at the dolt in the white house, and I won’t even capitalise that name! Not worthy of my respect.

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