As a kid growing up on a big Michigan lake, I was always creeped out by this nasty weed! It tends to grow at the dropoff and is several feet long. While swimming nearby or over it, it rubbed against my skin which sent my brain in a tailspin as though I was about to be pulled down into the lake depths! There are ways to kill the stuff though by literally ripping its root system out of the lake bed. This pond is overrun with it!

4 thoughts on “Watermilfoil

  1. I remember very clearly how that feels! Anytime you swim in natural water and something touches you, even if your brain knows logically what it is, that flight mechanism kicks in!

  2. There’s no way I would go swimming with this stuff nearby. I absolutely hate it when things brush up against my skin while swimming. That’s a hard pass for me.

    • Indeed, and why I was and still am, a bit creeped out by lake weeds. They were still scary looking to me on this trip! 😂💀

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