The Boat House and The House

This boathouse was very recently rescued from decades of neglect. As a child, we ice skated by its stark white with black trim which was in better shape in 1970 of course. Nice job, whoever did the remodel. Now that house. That ridiculously huge house!

The home that stood in that space before it was leveled was a historic old home which apparently the new owners didn’t want to renovate. It’s another damn shame on this lake!

When my family moved into our first home of two on the lake in 1968, most of the homes were quaint little cottages like the cottages I remember on Van Etten Lake in northern lower Michigan where my aunts and uncles, and grandparents all had quaint little cottages.

So nice, such wonderful memories! Today on the lake shown here, almost all of those little cottages have been leveled to make way for these ludicrous behemoth homes. My sister and I are frankly disgusted by the size of these homes.

Why the hell would anyone build a home like this that could literally house two or three families? It’s so wrong, so ridiculous but hey man, who are we to tell anyone what to do with their own money?

They are nothing short of an eyesore to the residents who still live here from the days when my family moved to the lake. Our old friendly families have moved away leaving the door wide open for new people to knock down and destroy the wonderful history of this place. This is NOT progress.

15 thoughts on “The Boat House and The House

  1. I agree with you, the smaller cottages have a charm those big mansions just can’t compete with. I see this in Tahoe too, and people only live there for a short time of the year too. A giant house like that sits empty for months at a time when there are over 500,000 homeless in the U.S. It seems wrong.

    • It’s very wrong, Bridgette! But, its their money so oh well. There are homes near Mount Charleston that are built on very steep slopes yet you can still drive to them. Huge homes that are likely summer homes. The snow gets super deep up there at 8400 feet where they are!

    • They are way out of place! I just wish I had photos of the homes here from 1968 when my family moved here. Bigger is NOT always better…

    • Thanks, Rudi, it is nice but I have to ask why they want a house large enough for more than one family…

    • Well… they were small, reasonably sized homes that were perfect for weekend getaways. Not the mansions we see today.

  2. We often wonder the same here in the D.C. area. There are these mega mansions and its like the ultimate dream to own one. No thanks. I love this planet too much, and besides, why take up more space than you need?

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