Marine Propulsion and The Helm

As a child growing up on this lake, I was always fascinated with the different types of marine propulsion. In this case, you have the standard Inboard/Outboard system or an I/O drive system. Our speedboats were always a full inboard configuration where the propeller and rudder are fully submerged under the hull.

I have never been a fan of those jet boat systems that draw water through a screen and blow it out the transom via an Impeller. Tomorrow, my new Reverse Osmosis system will be installed under the kitchen sink which means an end to buying the expensive bottled water and plastic bottles.

This means that the water from Lake Mead will be easily pure enough for human consumption since the particulates and more are removed from the water. According to my sister, when you drink water or other liquids from a plastic container, you are in some way drinking plastic. Is this actually true?

Las Vegas Valley will see 105F today, once again a normal summer temperature for the city.

4 thoughts on “Marine Propulsion and The Helm

  1. Those are great shots! When my kids were little we went through a process of getting rid of all plastic in our house—including tooth brushes. There are natural versions. Look for things made with bamboo too, far more sustainable.

  2. I don’t know about bottled water, but if you brush your theet, you also get plastics in your body… microscopic plastic particles are used as polishing substance.

    • Really? I’ve never heard of that before, Rudi! I am ready to let go of the plastic water bottles but now I am using a plastic brush on my teeth! Damn… 💀

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