Reverse Osmosis and Serious Heat

Since I have been in Las Vegas I have seen 115F degrees but this week may break my own record. It’s a very unique experience to be in this kind of heat and I advise you to stay indoors in an air-conditioned environment if you can. This is dangerous heat! I still love living here in spite of the heat forcing me to keep myself and the bike indoors. Speaking of biking, here is how the bike looks without the bag and mounting bracket attached – better! I did purchase a fanny-pack sort of bag today to be able to carry a water bottle, phone, and snacks in. I probably should have gone this route first. The water that the system is making is wonderfully clean and tasty! I’ve picked up some aluminum bottles to use to replace the plastic bottles.

9 thoughts on “Reverse Osmosis and Serious Heat

    • I won’t ride in that kind of heat, Pooja, too dangerous in my opinion but I have seen people riding bikes in it. Foolish…

      • Yeah, it’s really not a good idea to be outside in such heat. Let’s just hope no one gets dehydrated or something.

        • Unfortunately, it does happen Pooja. Especially to people who decide to go hiking outside of the city where the rocks become very warm to the touch and reflect so much sunlight and heat. People have been airlifted out of the local canyons. Sad. And very bad decision making.

  1. 118°F (47.7°C) is realy dangerous John, not the best moment to make a bike ride 😉
    Nice to read that you replaced plastic bottles with aluminium ones. You help protecting our nature.

    • I would never ride my bike in that kind of heat, Rudi, it’s way too dangerous indeed! I am enjoying the wonderful water this morning from the aluminum cans or bottles. Much better than the bottled stuff.

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