A 1950s Fire Hydrant

This old timer isn’t in use but makes an excellent decoration, right? I’ll be staying indoors mostly today and with a projected high temperature of 112, I don’t even want to take the truck out anywhere since the extra heat is tough on any engine. It was a perfect temperature at 87F very early this morning when I went outside to top off the bird baths for my feathered friends. The other photos are of a very old hood ornament which I would have to ask my dad about the details.

11 thoughts on “A 1950s Fire Hydrant

  1. Not too warm here, only 27 Celsius today. We just got back from Africa and it was about 27 Celsius the last few days we were there. Cute hood ornament !

  2. We heard about the extreme temperatures you are experiencing… Staying indoors and air conditioning on, that’s all you can do now. By the way, many other areas are groaning under the heat, including Southern Europe (all countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Temperatures here currently remain below 30°C. Keep it cool Timothy and keep it safe.

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