It Bothers Me…

It bothers me that the desert southwest has been in a years-long drought while our east coast and midwest are almost literally drowning with terrible flooding events in several states.

What the hell, Mother Nature! I took these not-so-good iPhone photos up there recently as some of you know. Rain was threatening most of that trip but there was one lovely sunny day. It was 112F today, and 116F is forecast for tomorrow.

I have been texting and talking to family up there today, they had some serious rain the last two days, and one tornado passed about 3/4 of a mile north of my folk’s place! That’s getting too close, Mother Nature, meanwhile I have chosen to live in a furnace each summer. 🔥🤪

7 thoughts on “It Bothers Me…

  1. As I told you already, these extreme weather situations are more and more common… Take good care and stay save on both sides !!

    • I saw that on TV, be careful, Venus! This summer is more of a scorcher so far than the last two I think.

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