1967 and 1969 Memories

While I was in Michigan recently, my sister broke out the piles of old photo books of which I took many photos with the iPhone. Aren’t I a cute kid! That snowmobile is a Skidoo, likely a 1967 model or earlier. I told you before that I grew up with a snowmobile under my bum, here’s the proof! I can still remember riding that old sled at just seven years young, and what the interior of that house looks like too! So, why can humans not remember three days ago, but can recall memories from 1967? It’s 114 degrees at my home.

21 thoughts on “1967 and 1969 Memories

  1. I miss my home country, John, but the last time I visited my mom I didn’t recognized it. Everything was so unfamiliar…

    • I see. That happens when I visit my Michigan hometown. The place has grown so much that it no longer seems to have that small town feel anymore which sucks.

  2. Sometimes, a trip down memory lane can be fun! Snowmobiles were the best! We didn’t have one, but the neighbors would let us ride around from time to time. We had the old wooden sleds. I preferred steering with my feet LOL Be safe in the heat, John. We’re at about 101 daily with the heat index adding another 8-10 degrees thanks to the humidity.

    • Some of my most cherished memories are from snowmobiling! I too prefer to use my feet to steer the runner sled. I once tied a big white bed sheet to the foot steering, held my arms up and went the full length of the lake! i’m so glad that my sister and I grew up before the internet and cell phones.

      • Wow, that’s awesome! I never thought about using a sheet! Sounds magnificent! Yes, I agree. Although, I really did enjoy the internet when it became public like circa 1991 in our house. Dial-up LOL but now that is so commercialized, I could also do without it and the phones.

        • Dial up totally sucked! It was soooo sloooow. I do enjoy this blog and my friends here and on Instagram too. We are caught in the middle you could say.

          • Oh yeah, dial-up seriously sucked, but the internet itself was more fun. There weren’t algorithms yet, and I did enjoy the forums and meeting people from across the globe

            • Meeting so many people around the planet has been an awesome experience for me with friends in several countries. The algorithms don’t mean anything to me, I just adapt to the nonsense because after all, we have real lives to live! It’s nice to have high speed internet these days.

  3. These old photo books are so special! They keep our cherished moments alive. I like to look at old photos from time to time, it’s like traveling back in time. It’s hot again where I live but not as hot as in Las Vegas, John.

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