Overpass Underpass, Looking Back

Driving through the Spaghetti Bowl is fun, right? Getting the rear-looking photo was a total random click, it just needed to be leveled. How about our lovely forecast? Continued hibernation is in the near future…

10 thoughts on “Overpass Underpass, Looking Back

    • Yes indeed, but I don’t mind it other than its too damn hot to ride my eBike. I miss it! 😂 109 is forecast for today, a bit cooler than recent days.

    • I understand that, even though the humidity is extremely low, 22% just now, it will still put you in hospital! Stay inside in the AC!

  1. It is not going well in here. The heat wave hitting us… and as it is said, it will be going on in next days, next month too. Today I will share something about weather news. To be indoors is the best. I heard that in some places people are banned to go outside… Be careful dear John, have a nice and cool day, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you, you too Nia. I’ve heard about the heatwave hitting European countries too. This is one scorcher of a summer! 🔥

      • Really so bad… Today there was a title about weather in here, “Yes, heatwaves ended now but be ready super heatwaves soon will be here!” Oh my God! They expect more than this,… You are right this Summer will be at the top in reports. Thank you and welcome, have a nice day, Love, nia

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