The Grasshopper Invasion Of 2019

Boy oh boy do I remember this! The grasshoppers were literally everywhere you went, walking, driving you were going to see them everywhere! This summer, the number of grasshoppers seems to be at a normal level which is nice. I used the iPhone yesterday to capture this nice clean photo of one, they have different colors than the grasshoppers back home in Michigan. Our high temperature will be 110 degrees today, slightly cooler than yesterday!

9 thoughts on “The Grasshopper Invasion Of 2019

    • Wow, it seems like they should be in full swing by now. Thanks, it took several shots to get this one clean image.

  1. I used to have a shirt that said “I survived the Grasshopper Invasion of 2019!” but, unfortunately, it shrunk…or, I grew .. whatever.

    • I have been here for ten years, this is the first time I have seen this happen so apparently it’s not a normal thing. Gladly!

  2. This is an amazing photo, John! Sharp, clean and the grasshopper is wonderful!
    We have 101 degrees today and next week will be even higher.

    • Thanks, Kaya! I took several photos of the critter, this one was best. You can see his tiny black eyeballs!

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