A Dead Bike In The Scorching Heat

Check out the most recent forecast for the valley, a photo taken about twenty minutes ago. I don’t recall ever seeing the 110+ or so temperatures sustain like this before, what a scorching summer so far. Yet, I heard the neighbor children squealing with delight in the pool yesterday, and saw several people riding bicycles today! This proves how well you can acclimate to the Mojave Desert heat.

That stupid bike is still there, not that you really care, but now the seat is gone. I almost feel sorry for that piece of junk! The palms along the road photo was taken a few days ago on Azure Drive I think it’s called. After ten years in this valley, I never tire of its beautiful palm trees, mountains, and mild winter climate.

2 thoughts on “A Dead Bike In The Scorching Heat

    • You mean the bike, right! 😂 Thanks, Sylvia, I love those palm trees swaying in the desert breeze. I hope your home isn’t near a flood zone, the east side of the country is flooding while we are baking.

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