A Tale of Two Worlds

The winter video was taken by my sister two years ago, and the weather display photo was taken just moments ago. What a contrast, right? One world experiences extreme heat waves each summer while my northern home state experiences extremely deep cold most winters.

The coldest temperature I experienced in Michigan years ago in the Atlanta area was -30 below zero. Your eyes want to freeze shut, and your eyelashes want to stick too. Contrast that to the most extreme heat I have experienced down here in the Mojave Desert was 120 degrees.

That’s a hell of a temperature difference, eh?

7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Worlds

    • That’s very cool, Venus! 🥶 The video’s aspect ratio is way off since the device was not held in the Landscape mode during recording. It kinda grinds my gears to see people constantly not turning their phone horizontal, or Landscape mode. So much data is lost, or more to see.

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