The Barn, The Son

The son doesn’t like his dad much which is unfortunate but I still love him of course. The barn photo was taken on the fly, I cropped the bottom off to remove some of the blurred field corn that was indeed knee-high by the fourth of July. Sunshine and 111 degrees are up for today, just another scorching hot day in Las Vegas Valley! This post has a very rare photo of the site’s author. Aren’t I beautiful? 🤪

11 thoughts on “The Barn, The Son

  1. So beautiful, father and son! Blessing and Happiness to you both, Thank you, Love, nia

    • Well, in a sense I guess, the photo of us was taken at my sister’s place on the lake that is seen only in the top right corner. The corn field and barn photo was raken in the next county north where my hometown is. ❤️😊

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