A Peaceful Backyard

Sorry kids, perhaps I should take a day or three away from the blog since I don’t have any new and halfway decent content. That is why I made this short video and photos with the iPhone. It was a very peaceful morning except for the powerful Mojave Desert sun beating me up! It’s already 102 degrees at my place.

12 thoughts on “A Peaceful Backyard

  1. What a beautiful backyard you have, John! And it’s so spacious and so well maintained.
    You probably spent time there in the early morning or late evening when it’ gets a little cooler.

    • Thank you, Kaya! As Rudi commented, I should add some flowers and other plants. Maybe this autumn when the summer heat goes away.

    • Thanks so much, Rudi! I have considered having a company install a bunch of flowering plants and replace those dried-out wood chips but decided to let that go until autumn. You are right, it does look just a little sparse.

    • Hi Pooja! I hope you’ve been feeling better. You have to be out there at the moment the sun comes up to enjoy it really because it heats up super fast. It’s 110F at 1 pm! I do like to view the backyard from my bedroom door/windows too.

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