Building The Stash

Several weeks ago I began storing non-perishable food and water in one of the spare bedroom closets. There were 17 cases of Arrowhead bottled water in this space until a few days ago when I donated all of them to a Christian radio station that will disperse them where they can do the most good.

Before I arrived at the station, someone donated several pallets of bottled water. Every bit helps! I wanted to replace the plastic bottles with the much better Reverse Osmosis water from my new system which has been a prolonged endeavor.

The water system has a prolonged regeneration process and does just two gallons at a time. The jugs are 7 gallons each, made of plastic specifically designed for water storage, and won’t leach chemicals into the water. Also, I need to add a substantial amount of non-perishable food too.

I’m not being paranoid about the end of the world coming soon like some people are these days, I simply want to have a nice supply of food and water to hopefully get me through until things hopefully improve. I have talked to my kids about doing this too, I hope that they will do this too.

This post comes from me not getting out and about for something new about the city for you guys!

10 thoughts on “Building The Stash

  1. That’s not a bad idea. I like to keep an extra supply of nonperishables around just in case as well. I haven’t thought about storing extra water, but I probably should.

  2. It is wise to think ahead and plan. I always have lots of dry goods (rice, lentils, beans) at home, seeds for the garden, and water cleaning tablets for a couple years (in case there’s no water in the tap, we have plenty of lake water, but to be on the cautious side it could be wise to clean it.)

    • Hi Maria, you should purify the lake water as much as possible, boiling it should help. Happy weekend!

  3. Great idea, John! I’m really interested in your new water system. It sounds amazing! Definitely a smart thing to do! A couple of years ago, after the horrible winter storm we had here, my husband built extra shelving into a closet. We keep canned goods, water, a few basic medical items in there. We’ve added a couple of 5 gallon buckets that have sealed lids as well. It surely doesn’t hurt to be prepared. And these are all things we could use if a bad tropical storm rolls through, or a hurricane. Or, if our electric grid goes down again! Any suggestions on what to add to our emergency stash?

    • Thank you! Honestly, all I buy for the stash closet as I call it are ordinary canned goods and a few other items that will not go bad for a long time. Stuff you buy at your local grocer. But the water system is brand new and comes from Culligan. That company has been around as long as I have probably. My sister has one at her place in Michigan, that gave me the idea to have the system installed finally after thinking about it for a while. I like the taste of this water much better than the plastic bottles of Arrowhead I was buying.

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