Landing At Chicago O’Hare

This airport is my least favorite airport in the country. I have had to run to a changed gate location several times and with herniated lower lumbar this isn’t an easy task! That said, any landing where the aircraft comes to a safe stop is a good landing regardless of the aircraft being slammed onto the runway!

Sunshine and 111 degrees are up for the valley today, just another scorching hot day in Las Vegas Valley. Each morning, I carry a five-gallon buck partially full to the backyard to top off the bird baths. This is the time to be outdoors because the temperature is in the upper 80s and low 90s which is perfect!

4 thoughts on “Landing At Chicago O’Hare

    • Thank you, Rudi! I appreciate the time and skill pilots put into their craft and keep the flying public safe!

  1. I probably haven’t visited as many US airports as you but even I would agree, that airport is a nightmare. Particularly when youare incoming from the UK and need to change planes quickly!

    • I didn’t know that you have been over here, I hope you had a good time sans that stupid airport! Lately, I have been taking direct flights from Las Vegas to Detroit where my sister or daughter pick me up. Sooo much better! Where did you go? Around Downtown Chicago and for a dip in Lake Michigan!

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