He’s A Real Winner!

As you can see from the photo, my dad has had a long career as an outboard racing boat driver! I have some fun memories too of those days as a very young man. The video was taken late yesterday as a thunderstorm passed by to my west, just missing my area but it did cause flooding north of Las Vegas. A high of just 103 degrees is on for today, a good bit cooler than recent days.

5 thoughts on “He’s A Real Winner!

    • Thanks, that’s a great description! The other racers were bummed out knowing that dad was at a race. 😂

  1. This is totaly new for me.. your dad was a real champion ! I hope he never had an accident, hydro plane racing is quite a dangerous sport. I think you will be happy with the lower temperatures, let’s hope that the flooding in the north was not so dramatic.

    • Thank you, Rudi! He is indeed. He is 95 years young now. I added a photo to this post that I forgot to add, you may want to see it.

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