Not A Mellow Yellow!

More like screaming yellow! I captured this view with the iPhone 12 while waiting for someone to be done with the ATM this morning. My feet were actually stinging from the powerful desert sun in my flip-flops as I waited. The newest forecast for the valley shows that a high of 111 degrees will be the norm for the next few days… Thatis has been a bit hotter than normal summer so far. How hot is it in your neck of the woods?

11 thoughts on “Not A Mellow Yellow!

  1. Hot weather in Vegas, cool in Antwerp… Belgium is in the rather cool side of Europe (nearly 20°C) while the south of Europe suffers from hot weather (almost +35°C) and a lot of bush fires !!

    • That’s terrible about the fires, Rudi! It’s like all of the fires in Canada this summer that are making us miserable down south with the smoke. I hope the fires are extinguished soon.

    • It’s the humidity that gets ya! I had a dose of it recently in Michigan, difficult to handle when you are used to 11% humidity!

  2. We will be inching up to the 97 range for this weekend – just in time for my race day ugh. Although our high temps tend to be a be more miserable with the humidity, 111 does not sound fun.

    • Being from Michigan, I know all about high humidity! I was up there visiting family recently and man did the humidity get me badly! The humidity here is about 11% at the moment, but don’t be fooled. The desert heat can kill you.

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