Summer Breeze

The strong wind from last night’s passing thunderstorm generated plenty of strong wind as seen by the jiggling fan palm under the street light.

7 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

    • Hi Pooja, nope! Still above 100 degrees today. The low 100s are going to be with us all week which is a more normal temperature for the valley. 🔥😎

        • Well… I believe that if there were no such thing as air conditioning, far fewer people would live here, Pooja. I am already wanting the heat to go away a little sooner than usual this summer because I really miss riding my eBike! Every ride is an adventure in itself. If I had a quad (four-wheel bike) it would be too hot to drive out to that area to ride that bike. I suppose this is the reverse of the deep cold of Canadian winters!

          • I totally understand, going out can be really fun even for a bike ride with no other goals. I usually go for a walk daily. Haha yes, this is the opposite of those harsh winters!

    • It did very briefly but not enough to keep the AC off! The electric bill is gonna be huge next month…

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