A Bigger Zoom Is Needed!

The new Sony A7C camera is wonderful, I actually like it better than the Nikon I’ve used for years. The body came with a kit lens that is 28-60mm which I have used most of the time.

I picked up a 210mm zoom lens for the body which works well but it’s not enough to properly capture the birds in the backyard as you can see. The birds look distorted, almost not in focus.

A 300 or 400mm lens would be more than I want to spend on a new lens so I’m stuck at 210! Sunshine and 110 degrees are on tap for the valley today, the scorching continues!

9 thoughts on “A Bigger Zoom Is Needed!

    • Thank you, Anneli! I don’t know what specie the small birds are, but the other bird is a Northern Mockingbird. And, they are very noisy and sometimes singing after dark too.

  1. πŸ™‚ John, it was brought to my attention that the iPhone 14 has a mind-blowing zoom.

    I am not sure if the older models of the iPhones are capable of doing the same thing.

    • Hi Renard, thanks for your comment! I have an iPhone 12 that does have a great zoom range but I find that the huge zoom can sometimes cause the photo to pixelate a bit. I will try this again.

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