My 105 Degree Backyard

Yep, it’s yet another hot summer day in the valley and I am staying home today until later. How hot is it in your neck of the woods today?

14 thoughts on “My 105 Degree Backyard

  1. It’s hot here too in southern Ontario and we’re currently under a heat warning. It’s 30C/86F, but feels like 38C/100F with the humidity. We’re heading up north to Algonquin for the weekend to spend time by the water, which should be nice.

    • The humidity is what gets us, my recent Michigan trip is a great reminder! Just 11% here at the moment.

      • John, you know you can’t breezy 97 without getting of this delightful humidity. I’m sure can recall Michigan summers. Ah yes, to begin sweating as soon as you walk outside….sighs…who needs a hot, dry climate … you need is another shower, ice, and speed stick.

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