The City In The Middle of Nowhere

Have a look at a map of Nevada and you will notice quickly that Las Vegas is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, yet this city has continued to grow at a crazy pace for many years. I have been told by locals that have lived here their entire life that they remember a time when there were no roads or anything whatsoever in areas that are now built up like the area I live in. Thanks to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead as well as air conditioning, Las Vegas has survived and thrived for many decades. But how long will it thrive?

5 thoughts on “The City In The Middle of Nowhere

  1. I happened to look at Google maps the other day and zoomed in on Las Vegas. I don’t even recognize the roads and the growth…. crazy. From what I hear, new master planned communities are on hold here in the valley due to water issues but unfortunately, that has led to CA like housing prices…. supply and demand 🥴I wonder if similar in LV?

    • Hi Ingrid, I am not sure about the prices, but that makes perfect sense which is very sad. For me, the big issue is water, Lake Mead has been in a serious decline since the 1980s which was the last time the lake was at full pond. I daily see so many California license tags in higher quantities than it used to be, that actually bothers me. I don’t want to see Nevada become the hive of hard-left politics of that state that will eventually take Nevada down. And, my country.

  2. It is definitely a valid question you are asking by the end of your post. I think the city in the middle of the desert is beautiful in many ways, but also vulnerable due to the extreme temperatures, number of people living there, and lack of clean water sources. I do understand why people are drawn to the area. Many places in the Mojave Desert are unique.

    • Thank you for your concise comment, Maria! I suppose you are one of very few people in Sweden that have experienced the climate here? I hope it was good for the most part. There are days that I have wanted to return home to Michigan and the very different lifestyle but the mild winter climate has kept me here for ten years now…

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