Yesterday’s Leftovers

And, they aren’t very edible either! These photos needed some repair to bring them back from file 13. A very toasty 111 degrees is on tap for the valley today, would you like to join me in enjoying it haha! How hot is your heat this Friday?

13 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Leftovers

  1. The weather is perfect here right now, not too cold or hot. It’s 18 degrees Celsius. But it’s going to get much hotter in September which I’m not looking forward to 😫
    I really liked the images. Stay hydrated in this heat! ☀️❤️

    • Wow man, that’s really muggy! I’ll bet that you are hiding indoors too. Thank you for your sweet comment on the photos! 🥰

    • That’s cold! It translates to just 68 degrees F! I’d rather have a pool in my backyard, Rudi, but it’s just not big enough!

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