The Smoke Is Terrible!

And, these iPhone photos tell the story too. A large system of monsoon rains would probably help clear the air here around Las Vegas and elsewhere. That gyro sandwich with baked, sliced chicken and mayo, and more was so darn good that I had another one today! Here is the latest update on the York fire.

18 thoughts on “The Smoke Is Terrible!

    • Thanks guys, me too! It seems thinner or it’s gone this morning and there’s a chance of thunderstorms today so I hope it rains on the fire. I had a mild headache from the smoke yesterday.

  1. I just saw on the news about fire tornadoes! The area of fire looks huge on the map they showed!

    • I saw the fire-tornado too on TV, it’s hot to begin with, add the fire heat and you’ve hot a rotating column of fire. It’s so sad to see the Mojave Desert on fire. 😭

    • It really is, Derrick, the air quality in the city was horrible yesterday. It seems to have diminished overnight.

    • Hi, it’s nice to see you again! Yes, the air quality in Las Vegas is rated as very bad today obviously. I had a slight headache earlier today which is very unusual for me, has to be the smoke. I’m glad you stopped by!

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