Visible Smoke From The York Fire

A fire that began in California in the Mojave National Preserve has crossed into Nevada as of yesterday, my photo shows the smoke from said fire clouding the view of the mountains west of my home. It seems the world is increasingly on fire as time passes, doesn’t it? Read about the York fire.

The east coast has been dealing with the smoke from wildfires in Canada, and we have this fire on the west coast. I am not aware of any enormous wildfires elsewhere, I hope that there are none!

7 thoughts on “Visible Smoke From The York Fire

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re now dealing with some smoky skies as well. It’s been an awful year for wildfires, especially in Canada. We’ll be heading out west later this summer so fingers crossed the wildfire situation improves.

    • Hi GP, it sure does, very sad. The ground squirrels, snakes, desert tortoise, wild donkeys and more. There is no containment at this time either as far as I know. The fire is well south of Las Vegas. 😭

    • Hi Rudi, i believe that God has that answer, all we can do is deal with it as best we can my friend. Sad times on planet Earth.

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