A Double Gullywasher

Finally! Two very heavy soakers moved over my area of the valley, one yesterday afternoon and the other overnight. It’s long overdue and it’s much cooler this morning. The valley will hit 95 degrees this afternoon though… Note that the mountains aren’t visible. How is your weather today?

5 thoughts on “A Double Gullywasher

    • That’s great, Anneli, water is life for everything! The York fire is slowly being contained which is well south of Las Vegas. I hope the rain fell on that fire. It apparently was started at a private residence within the Mojave National Preserve. Someone is in trouble.

  1. When I see the photo I think of the song “rainy rainy day” by Brownie McGhee (blues)…
    After a deluge of rain this morning, there’s very very strong winds, impossible to barely open the windows…..
    Have a nice day. Regards.

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