Campbell’s Soup and Navajo Pottery

Continuing with that Becasso app on the iPad, here are two more creations done this afternoon. I was going to heat that soup up late last night but it turned into a silly photo. Today has been really beautiful with 95 degrees and a nice breeze which let my truck get a good spiffing inside and out in the garage.

6 thoughts on “Campbell’s Soup and Navajo Pottery

  1. Almost all of Campbell’s soups are so delicious. It’s interesting to see how this software turns images into art. Of course, with your imagination and help, John.

    • That company has been around longer than I have been which is 62 years! I love their soup but I have to eat a few blood pressure pills first. This company is one among too many that add way too much salt to their products.

        • Thanks, Anita, I have been taking them since 2016 so I know how much to take depending on the food. The pills vary in strength so you need to know how much sodium is in the food too. It’s a science I guess! 😂

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