Pruned Too Soon

Notice that the fronds on these two trees are cut to the ten-two position like on a clock but that there are several stalks shooting out and hanging downward that have flowers and seeds on them. Someone pruned these trees much too soon. This is why my palm trees in the backyard are always pruned in mid to late June to void this situation. So, there is your palm tree education for today! Sunshine and 101 degrees are up for this wonderful Thursday. What’s up in your neck of the woods today?

9 thoughts on “Pruned Too Soon

  1. Beautiful photographs, Thank you dear John, have a nice day and enjoyable weekend, (and and without scorpion days) Love, nia

    • Thank you, Pooja! I didn’t either until I purchased my home and became responsible for their care. My HOA will fine owners if they don’t prune their trees! That was the day it rained hard, twice!

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