Trapped At The Front Door

This is why I have multiple sticky pads throughout my house. This scorpion is very small which means that its venom is much more potent than the larger, older scorpions. Probably a trip to an ER. The traps also catch lots of small bugs too as you can see. I know this is gross and I don’t like it either, but it’s better than sleeping with bugs. Maybe Nevada should be called the creepy crawly state? 😂

8 thoughts on “Trapped At The Front Door

    • I am glad that you weren’t stung, Maria! I’ve never been to Reno, it’s around a 500-mile drive up there.

      • I was stung in my right foot and was out for a few days. The pain was horrible.
        I’ve driven the stretch a couple times, the last time when I moved to Las Vegas in August of 2018. It is beautiful in its own way, it makes you feel kind of small. In some parts when you are in the middle of the desert and you think the wind is going to lift you off the road you feel pretty small. I always make sure I have PLENTY of water, extra gas, extra clothes, food for several days etc with me if I make a drive like that.

    • I can understand that, Anneli, after all we did invade their territory! I’m glad for the trap though.

    • That is what many people say, Sylvia, including my sister when she came to stay a few weeks ago. I’ve been in this home for four years and (knock on wood) haven’t been stung yet. They are damn creepy critters! 💀

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