When It Rained The Other Day

Just a few photos from the other day when my area of the valley got dumped on really hard. More, please! Well, I drove down to the social security office again very early today and was shocked to find a long line already formed at 8 and the place doesn’t open until nine! Such a crock of chit man. I left the place when my lower back started hurting after just ten minutes of standing. I’ll try to do this online again and hope that I can complete this this time. May your day be more successful!

9 thoughts on “When It Rained The Other Day

    • Thanks, Susan. I’ll try to do this again online tomorrow, hopefully I can get it done! Frustrating.

    • Thank you, Venus, grayscale can be a good fix for a bad color photo, I’ve done this many times. Have a nice weekend!

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